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Sherlock Holmes: Jenna C. Carr

Dorothy Watson: Sophie Linkroum

Lizzie Chapman/Peggy: Katie Hammes

Mrs. Hudson: Mary Fraser

Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: Melanie Rodrigue

Michael Stamford/Reginald: Larry Watson

Eudora Featherstone/Martha: Maria E. Barry

Mycroft Holmes/Vagrant: Kevin Linkroum

Geoffrey Lestrade: Elliot Owens

Thomas Chapman: Stephen Post

Edwin Greener/Superintendent: Hannah Heckman-McKenna

Orderly: Eric Petit

Milford Area Players
Miss Holmes

By Christopher M. Walsh

Based on characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "Miss Holmes" re-examines the Victorian world of Holmes and Watson by exploring the added obstacles faced by these two iconic characters - if they were women.When an anonymous note sends a newlywed wife looking for help, Miss Sherlock Holmes and Dr Dorothy Watson work together to uncover the secrets surrounding a corrupt police inspector. But this Holmes and Watson face far greater challenges than bringing the criminal to justice. Miss Holmes possesses one of the greatest deductive minds of her generation, but she chafes at the restraints imposed upon her by society, and Dr Watson struggles to make a difference at the only hospital in London that will hire female doctors.

Sep 23 - Oct 2 2022

Directed by Vicky Sandin

Amato Center of the Arts
56 Mont Vernon St
Milford, NH 03055

Covid notice: We will follow covid precautions as recommended by the Amato Center at the time of the performances. As of this writing, there are no restrictions, but that could change. Masks are recommended but optional

Unfortunately, We do not have any performances available for purchase at this time. Please try again later.